Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me? Neil Young? uh, right.......

Carmel never ceases to be intriguing. It seems when you sport long hair one goes through cycles of mistaken Identity. Years ago I was mistaken for Eddie VH.

Then as I got older, it was "Hey Ozzie", and for the longest times metal chicks thought I was Blackie Lawless.

But now for a third time has someone come up to me and called me by the wrong name. The first time was in L.A. in a Starbucks where I had to shake Bill or Ted's hand as he said "It's an honor to serve you Mr.Frehley". When I was working in one of many guitar sweatshops, a guy came up to me and asked if he could have my autograph, I said what for? He said, You ARE Mick Mars aren't you? And today a middle aged Beamer driving parrothed looking guy stops me in Safeway and says "WHOA, It's a pleasure Mr. YOUNG". It's funny because just last week my pharmacist (no really) told me I reminded him of Neil Young.

Maybe he meant Angus Young. .......Robert Young? I dunno. The last time I saw Neil was when I met him at the Sharks tank. Hey maybe he's one of those space aliens that pass their DNA through a simple hand shake spark ? He IS from Canada you know.........


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