Friday, October 01, 2010

Why I miss playing Blues music and Why I hate it.

I'm a natural born blues man. My first solo Album was titled "Cowboy Hat Blues" With only one problem , I'm not BLACK.

Someone actually left a comment that reads: "Feeling it"!

Thank you. But according to the plublisher of Living Blues Magazine, a once reputible magazine put out by the Music Arts department of the University of Mississippi , I can't play me no blues. (sometimes I miss that word I gave up)

Seriously, in a July 1993 issue of Blues Magazine, the editor said he refused to acknoldge white (cracker) blues artists because the magazine was intended to preserve the "Integrity of Black Culture". So according to UofM; Blacks have the market on suffering? Fuck you professor and your BLACK board too. And your Black board of directors too. And Fuck your black racist attiude you, you you, AH FUK I CAN'T SAY IT......DAMN

I ask, why is it Black Culture when they're playing instruments designed and mostly created by white Americans? FENDER AND GIBSON are based in Corona California and Nashville TN. The 4 primary blues guiars played by "Black" culteral artists are The Telecaster and Stratocaster, invented by Leo FENDER, The Les Paul invented by Les himself and the ES335 invented by McCarty of Gibson (now Heritage) Where are the Black designers of these guitars? I think the Ideal of Blues Music being a music of "color" is just racist and biggoted. You show me an African Slave that worked on the P-farm who is alive to listen to blues music today! And tell me he wouldn't love Stevie Ray Vaughan or Janis Joplin.

Some people can't let go of victimization, eventhough it wasn't them personally victimized.


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