Thursday, September 30, 2010

N-Word Abstinence

Today marks (officially) 30 days that I've gone without saying the N-word. I'd like to see Chris Rock or Chris Tucker do it. I did it because they say if you can quit something for 30 days you can walk away from it. The truth is, I don't see anything wrong with the N-word used the the propper context. Yes I know the history of the word better than most blacks. It's origination in Denmark by slaveship captains. Yet that was 300 years ago. Why do blacks perpetuate the use of the word? Some would call it a chip glued to the should. (ever so conveniently).

It amazes me how television will bleep out the N-word, yet eagerly telecast GD this and JC that. Or the everso ubquitous OMG. 30 years ago, Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor did a hilarious SNL skit (back when it was funny)that ended with the N-word. Last night on The Biography Channel, I was watching Eddie Murphy talk about how he knew that skit by heart and when he auditioned for SNL, he played the Pryor role and Joe Piscapo played Chevy's role. Bio showed the original skit and Fn bleeped the N-word. WTF? They bleeped what they condoned 30 years ago? And this Bio special on Eddie was at 10:00 on Cable. Once again I ask: "Whisky Tango Foxtrot"?

I doubt the censors will ever bleep Whitey, Honky,Redneck,Cracker,White Trash,or any other reverse discriminating ethnic slurs. There's something about the N-word that just doesn't make sense.


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