Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dresden Blues

I hang my head in tears as I watch this massacre of innocent German civilians. But to truly put things in perspective, let's go back in history to December 1944. The Soviet Union's Red Army enters Berlin. Prior to the the hideous march on Berlin, word had gotten out that Russian soldiers were killing civilians and having their way with what ever they wanted. It was no different when they got to Berlin.

2,000,000 German females as young as 8 years old were raped by these amoral minions of Stalin. Hitler may have started the war but Helga and Heidi paid the price. It's been said that hundreds of thousands of German girls committed suicide after being raped by these Russian scumbags.

The word went out quickly, take your wife and daughter and go to Dresden. Surely Dresden was not a War target. We were hoping the Americans would reach Berlin first as Americans were civil human beings unlike the savage Russians.

Unfortunately, the Royal Air force had decided it would bomb every major German city at the beginning of the war. Even though Dresden posed no military threat to the Allies; The Lancasters and B-17s dropped 'Napalm" bombs on Dresden on the night of February 13th 1945. This is what Germans then and now refer to English/American Terrorism they call Bombenterror. It's estimated that 25,000 German civilians died on 2/13/45 for no reason at all. America was guilty by association but England (especially Churchill) are to blame. Germany was in a defense state and Dresden had no military importance to anyone. It was pure massacre just like wounded knee.

Yes Hitler was evil. But the people of Germany were good. They either went along with Hitler or were killed. Would you Identify yourself as an OBAMA warrior? I wouldn't either. It was wrong. We owe Dresden an apology. This leads me to believe that:

"If you do not allow your enemy a means of surrender with dignity, they will arise in the future". It's no wonder we have Neo-Nazis.

Not one of America's shining moments, then again you can thank the Democrat FDR.


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