Saturday, October 30, 2010


3 years ago, Facebook was this quaint little Idea that was piggy backing off the huge "MY SPACE" social network only it was aimed at a more mature audience. What they didn't realize was how rapidly it would grow and what sort of info and data would be compiled within this network.

It became so obvious that they were starting to keep track of you by the way they targeted you with ads based on Key words. I'm sure they were using "web bots" on their own site to gather and collate information on each member.

Earlier in the month I realized just how dangerous this information in the wrong hands could be. So I needed to ask myself, was my distant "friendship" with Charlize Theron really worth big brother knowing how I felt about Obama? His Policies? His illegitimate presidency and childhood?

Sorry Charlize. We'll have to meet at the Cafe from now on.

I'm very much concerned that after this Tuesday, If Obama wants an enemy list with first names, he'll be able to get it along with photos you've been "Tagged" in.

It was time for me to walk away. I can still voice my political opinions out here in cyberspace, but I won't be part of a massive prepared hit-list.


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