Monday, October 11, 2010

ABC proves to be an OBAMA SHILL

I like cop shows. My spouse is from the Detroit area. So naturally when ABC's new cop show Detroit 1-8-7 aired this season, we gave it a once over. The first episode was weak, but not so bad that we didn't want to give it another chance.

Week 2. I turned it off half way through. Let's see how can I describe it? Egregious, Propaganda, Shark Jumping, all in 2 scenes.
It was an episode about a poor black lady squatting in a run down ghetto shack. Her body is found with the usual 2 taps behind the left ear at close range. In cop lingo, that's called a hit or an assassination. While questioning a neighborhood bum, the bum yells "It was the BANKS".

Yes those evil banks that are out to make sure every kid starves in America. The same Evil Banks the president is "bailing out" with our tax dollars. If that scene didn't make you want to throw a book at your big screen; the next scene showed a "GREEDY WHITE REAL ESTATE AGENT". (and this guy could only remind me of JOE ISUZU) He was obnoxious and WHITE. I mean POLAR CAPS WHITE. His big line was; "Ya these creeps lower the property value. The larger my PROFIT MARGIN; THE MORE MONEY I MAKE" Let me paraphrase: " Ya I'm a scumbag Wall street villain and I'm here to take all yalls money then kick yall to da curb".

It was that disgusting.

I couldn't watch anymore of this. Poor Michael Imperioli. I KNOW they're not paying him enough to act in that POS DNC ad while trying to keep his lunch down.

I have a theory. It goes like this. When Buckwheat was handing out your money for free last year, it came with stipulations. Probably about 2.

Put as many Blacks in your commercials/TV Shows

Make Whitey look evil.

Why else would there be so many African Americans (oh fuck it) BLACKS on your TV set? We were saturated in Section 8 commercials during the "Socialist Take over" last year. Now it's election time again and "They're back".
Same was true of the check out stand. Remember last January and February (2009) You couldn't find a magazine at the check out that had a Cracker on it. But as the economy really started tanking, all the pics of Buckwheat and his bitch disappeared. Oprah is the only one who has survived and that's because she owns the damn magazine.

Buckwheat is using the media and Chicago politics to try and brain wash Americans. It won't work but don't try telling those weasels Pelosi, Reed, Dick "Turban"Duban and Barney Fag et al.

It's been 30 years since Jimmy Carter shamed our country.

Buckwheat has Jimmy looking like George Washington. While Buckwheat puts on his best Kruchiev impersonation. ("I will bury you") We are being buried by a culture we as Americans don't want.

Have you noticed that Sunday religious programming has been replaced by "Paranormal" programming? Have you noticed that TV is catering to 12% of the population? Have you noticed how deep in debt Buckwheat has sunk this country into? They have an ethnic name for people who spend money "like they're rich" (but aren't)

People, Please delete ABC NBC and CBS from your cable box. They've been infiltrated by an ugly form of Chicago politics.

Like Judas; They took the pieces of silver.


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