Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How do I feel about Christmas you ask? Well it will surprise you. I don't see it as a religious Holiday at all. As a matter of fact it was the Pagans that founded the capitalistic Idea. The Idea of remembering the birth of Jesus once a year on an arbitrary date is both inaccurate and non-biblical. So I don't see where seculars, atheist and non-Christians get offended. Actually true believing Christians have more reason to be offended. There is NOWHERE in the bible that instructs followers of Christ to memorialize his birth. Most die hard Christians will attest that his death was far more significant than his birth, and they are instructed to observe his life, death, burial and resurrection when they participate in "Holy communion". Something that is done in most church's on the first day of the week (Act 20:7).

So Christian's, although having their savior glorified thru retail sales, have this once (out of two, Easter being the other) opportunity to share their belief system with non-Christians. But in a forum that is not endorsed by the scriptures that Christianity uses to build its belief structure. It's a double edged sword. Both Christmas and Easter. It's a great recruitment season, yet a religious fallacy. So while both left/seculars and right/religious fanatics duke it out from Satan's day (Halloween) to New Year's eve, Jesus must be looking down upon it all smiling yet shaking his head while saying to Himself, "they're missing the point."

How do I, personally feel about Christmas? It's Americana. It's a great reason to get people to stop war for 24 hours. It's great for the economy. It represents 75 percent of retail sales. It stimulates temporary employment. It makes most people "hopeful". It gives some people an excuse to "try" religion. And aside from the sky rocketing suicide rate and needless persecution of Douglas firs, I'd say the upside outweighs the fallacy/religious collateral impedance it has on non-Christians.

BTW, where's the outrage over Halloween? Why doesn't the tolerant right get upset over families dressing their children up as minions of Satan? Halloween is treated as mother's day. (Although I did get a laugh when a school district in Oregon outlawed Halloween because they thought it discriminated against witches. lol The funny part of the story was, some head of the local witch chapter went on TV and said, "No it doesn't". lol.....

Satan must be looking up at all of this shaking his head and saying "Good their missing the point."

Merry Christmas all.


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