Sunday, October 02, 2011

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Call them Spirit guides or Guardian Angels, the older you get the more realistic the concept seems. I'm a Christian and the Bible talks about guardian Angels. I've also studied "New Thought" spirituality (which I believe is a blindfolded secular seeking God without faith) Many of the quantum physics theories in NTS actually makes the belief in God (big G) easier to understand. What also makes NTS more palatable is that there are over 300 different versions of Christianity. Even the most fundamental of the evangelical churches refuse to teach in depth about the "Holy Spirit" because the Bible puts very few definitions on the Subject.

One church interprets the verse "When the Perfect comes " as the completion of the Bible. For those who are Christian fundamentalists, you believe that the Bible is the "inspired word of God". Yet who decided on which documents to include or exclude in the Bible ?

Man !

Man = not perfect

Jesus = The Perfect

I'm not saying that the Bible is NOT the inspired word of God. I'm saying that we need to worship God and not the Bible. Many times in Psalms and Proverbs were warned not to trust Man.

My point is, Guardian Angels and Spirit guides seem to be the same entities. In NTS, the Spirit Guide is some entity that you contract with in the ether (spiritual world) to help direct you on earth. They are there to remind you of your earthly goals. Guardian Angels are Angels from heaven that get your butt out of a bind. A few times in my life, I suspected a guardian Angel helped keep me alive or out of jail.

When I was in 2nd grade, I recall my teacher Mrs. Cusey being very concerned about my posture. She was also very intricate in my musical life. I believe she was a spirit guide or being used by a spirit guide. There have been many helpful strangers in my life. Too many for me to try and mention. However; they came out of nowhere to provide assistance and guidance. And just as quickly as they entered my life; they vanished. Yet their memory is with me 30 to 40 years later.

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are real. Even if they are just humans being used by God and put into your life to help you for that moment. They exist.

The least we can do is try and be a Guide or Angel in return.


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