Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Body vs. The Spirit

Teilhard De Chardin, The French Canadian Poet wrote: "We are not simply Humans having a spiritual experience; but rather Spiritual beings having a human experience. After 5 decades of asking what am I here for, What's my purpose in Life, and What's next; I can honestly say I don't know........for sure.

My best guess would be that we are both Spirit and Human in one body. The Body a finite "Meat capsule" and the Spirit your "Mojo, higher self, your operating system.
For some reason, I'm lead to believe that the spirit survives the mortal existence on this spinning blue ball.

If one's body returns to ashes yet the spirit moves on; I have to believe that the Spirit is more important than the body. This leads us to one of the most important aspects of man. Your belief structure. Do you believe in God ? Do you believe in a god. Do you believe that your spirit is controlled by your body and mind (note mind and spirit are not one and the same)

I believe in God. You can call Him source energy,the Great Divine, or the Big Kahuna if that's your belief system. I believe in one omnipotent, omnipresent and omiscient God. The God of Abraham. The Father of Jesus. The one and only Creator.

In this belief system my spirit exists in this physical meat capsule for several reasons. First and formost, to tell others about my belief system. 2nd, to develop spiritual skills with the help of the physical world. (skills such as compassion,patience,understanding, appreciation and love) All of these skills I can see a use for in the non-physical world. They also help get you through the bumps in your physical life.

The Body vs. The Spirit

The Apostle Paul once wrote:"I know what I should do and neglect to do it, and I know what I shouldn't do, yet can't help doing it".

I ask Why ?

I have one answer that comes to mind.

1. The body comes with a very wonderful organ called the brain. It also comes with less intelligent organs found south of the brain. These organs usually secrete hormones. Hormones that want us to procreate. The process is nudged along by the optic organs just below your brain. (especially for men) The extra gear we were issued on this voyage through life carries a double sharp edge to it. Human DNA is hard wired to survive, mate, procreate, and survive. Yes there are anomolies that exist. But because of my physical body's hard wiring:

My spirit wants me to be monogomous. My body wants..............

My spirit wants me to be humble. My body wants recognition.

My spirit wants me to help others. My body feels better controlling others.

My spirit wants me to be a servant. My body wants to rule the world. (figuratively speaking)

My spirit wants me to be quiet and know that He is God. My body wants others to know that I'm in the know. ......Ya know?

Here's 2 cents worth of free wisdom: "As you get older, you value your spirit more." Just as we all found that there was life after leaving the womb, there is a spiritual world that awaits us after exiting this physical world. My connections tell me that if you have a personal relationship with Jesus, you're cool "Enter faithful servant". The same connections tell me that if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus, then prepare to hear: "I never knew you. Depart from me you who practice lawlessness".

We all live in a physical world. It can be a tough world. "This is a Man's world" says the late James Brown. But the Spiritual world exists in a wavelength our eyes can't see or a universal plane that intersects the physical. Infra Red? Ultra Violet ? It's there and one day so will you. Just as inmates work on thier muscles everyday so they can man handle the authorities when they get parole; So should you work on your Spiritual muscles and your relationship with Jesus. Put on your spiritual armour. Read the word of God. Let Love govern your actions. Sharpen your spiritual skills.

If God is with us; who can be against us ?


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