Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Law of Attraction 2011

Graphic Courtesy of John Assaraf

The law of Attraction or the Law of Physics. The Law of attraction (LOA) states that if we become a vibrational match with something; that something will be created. Stephen Covey says: "There are always 2 creations. The mental creation comes before the physical creation". The Bible says that what a man thinketh, so is he. The latter is vague but it is the foundation for the law of attraction. In modern sports, psychologist would teach athletes to: "See themselves crossing the finish line first".

I had a similar experience. When I was in my mid 20's I went on a boating trip with my boss on river for the day. He asked me if I knew how to water ski. Being a cocky California dude, I said: "Hell ya, who doesn't"? (me) So all the way to the river I was thinking in my mind, "What do I know about water skiing"? I had snow skied before, but you start on snow in the "UP" position. In the river the only thing above the water is your head. (and that's if you're wearing a life vest". But I had watched Wide world of Sports and recalled seeing skiers pointing their skis up towards the sky. Failure was not an option. As the boss stepped on the pedal a magical thing happened. I got right up. In seconds I was waving while skiing. It was incredible. I even zig zagged and turned like I had been doing it all my life. But I had mentally convinced myself that it was that easy and I had little fear. I never saw myself falling. I saw myself performing at Sea World.

Was this an example of LOA ? Did my thoughts (fake it til you make it) give me the courage and skill to get up on skis like a veteran ? I think it did, but not in the quantum physics of attraction way.I was going to be put to a test. The outcome was in my hands. I didn't need the outside help of the divine to get me up. (just for calm waters) And I believed I could do it. Let's contrast this with somebody who has watched "The Secret" 200 times and is trying to manifest a winning lotto ticket. Are they even willing to get off the couch to go buy a ticket ? Even then, are they able to control the lotto balls ? If they believe they can, they will.

I was able to control my skis and coordination. I believed my boss was not going to try and trip me up. I used the power of belief to make it happen. It's easier when you control your destiny. Making checks appear in your mail box is another story. I'm not saying it won't happen, just as you could win the lotto without buying a ticket. (if a friend buys one for you) In my album "7 Secrets Vibrations", I use a lyric twice. "All it take is a little faith to move a mountain into the sea". I think I plagiarized that from Jesus the Christ. 2000 years ago.

The law of attraction can work. It depends much upon you and the externalities associated with the desired response. The key to the connection is belief. Strong belief gets your world vibrating. Belief sends a message to your spirit guides that your ready. One of Stephen Covey's 7 principles is Begin with an end in mind. See the finish line. If you can't see the desired result, you'll never be able to develop the belief to attain it. If you can't do the mental creation; the physical manifestation will never come.

Once upon a time two twin brothers were charged with a difficult task.

Brother #1 said it couldn't be done!

Brother #2 said it was a piece of cake!

They were both right!


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