Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ace's Psychic Prediction for 2012

I have a "gut" feeling, (and I am Claresentient) that in 2012 we see Barack Obama resign from the presidency. I feel that the candidate that went un-vetted in 2008 will not be able to withstand the evidence that is brought to the surface. (Which I feel is already in GOP hands) Look for Iran to put pressure on Obama in July. In a "Saving face" motion, Obama will announce his inability to run due to "Health" issues. It will be a phantom "Gastric Ulcer" that leads him to retirement leaving Joe Biden to finish off Obama's term. Joe Biden selects Hillary Clinton as his Vice President.

In the rush to respond, Hillary misses the deadline to run for President in the November Election leaving Joe Biden as the Lead in on the Democrat ticket. This leads Obama supporters to suspect voter fraud and racial riots break out in New York, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, L.A. and Miami.

Biden out of desperation threatens Martial Law and suspending the November election while racial division continues to escalate. As fighting and looting continue through November in the large metropolitan cities; The election proceeds with results being determined mostly from the Heartland and southern states. The GOP wins in a Reaganesque landslide.

By Thanksgiving reality puts out the fires and fighting as Iran threatens Israel with nuclear aggression. President Biden counters by targeting Tehran. Before 2012 ends, U.S. troops are re-deployed to Baghdad and Tel Aviv.

BTW, The preceeding is purely fiction and for the entertainment of my reading audience.



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