Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stealing from America - It's the Chicago way

I knew the very next day after Bush 43 was re-elected the fix was in. I was moving from Washington back down to California and Gas jumped about 15 cents a gallon over night. I jokingly said, I guess the fix is in.

Coincidentally when Obama took a 2 digit lead in the 2008 polls over McCain, gas jumped up to a dollar a gallon higher. They didn't even wait for November. But the fix has been in on a global, let me repeat GLOBAL scale ever since 1/22/2009. GE has probably positioned themselves as the 21st century Haliburton corperation. Only Obama has come right out and made Jefferey Imeldt his "Czar" of economics. Good for GE who paid no taxes in 2010. It makes you wonder when Imeldt moves a ton of his manufacturing to China just who he's working for? Is it coincidence that the Chicoms now have a stealth Jet? Gee, who designed the electrical for Lockheed's F-22 ? What abouit the new Chicom Nuclear Sub copied from blue prints from the people that bring good things to life?

Are there any takers for bets that Blago gets amnesty in 2012?

Kick em when they're down.

It's the Chicago Way.



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