Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Survived Beyond and Back - Revisited

The 2nd season of I survived "Beyond and Back", a reality show about Near Death Experiences, has run 4 episodes into the new season. I personally think the show, in an effort to break a rut, Jumped the great white on the season opener when one woman, a victim of a car accident, drowned and her spirit was abducted by ................(breath deep) ALIENS.

The Paradigm that Bio is propagating is a "Life after Death" proposal. People die for a limited time,(sometimes up to 30 minutes) and return with memories of the other side. The majority of NDErs claim to experience a sense of euphoria. They describe a warm feeling of "Love". Most use the term "Unconditional Love". Several experience a tunnel with a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Some just feel a bright, almost Xenon blinding light. Most of these great feelings are accompanied by a deceased relative, a biblical figure or in some cases Jesus or the Great Almighty Himself. They say they saw their life review. Some contend it was a split second while other say it felt like an eternity. Eventually, the recently deceased is either given a choice to return to their incarnate life, or they are just told, you have no say and it's NOT YOUR TIME.

Those less fortunate see something they describe as a demonic creature. Some come straight out and say they saw the devil. These people tend to describe darkness and a feeling of fear, dread and regret. In some cases, the recently deceased is "rescued" by Jesus and is returned to their incarnate body.

I have studied the NDE cases at and I want to share my opinion on the Idea of an after life and what the NDErs bring back to share with us.

It's my belief. (My humble opinion) That you aren't dead just because your heart stops beating. You are not dead even if you see your incarnate body laying on the ground while you hover over it. You're not dead even when you watch your life pass before you and you see a being that resembles Charlton Heston with wings. What you are seeing is what you NEED to SEE. Let me give you an example.

Waiting rooms are usually never indicative of the back of the doctor's office. Especially if he's got a box of "finger cots" next to the exam table.

If you've ever gone to the stadium and smelled the wonderful smell of the tail gate parties that are doing Bar-B-Que Ribs and Sausages but forgot your tickets; You never saw the game. I've always felt that NDErs get to peek behind the curtain. But I've also felt that there's another curtain behind the curtain. The real after life. What you're seeing is the waiting room. Not the real physically dead's after life.

Scientist use to say that we only use about 12% of our brain and 10% of our DNA. In fact they arrogantly call the other 90% "JUNK DNA". But perhaps the rest of our brain has historical programs that we gain access to when our body thinks it's crossing over. Passing out, is actually your body's defense mechanism to perceived pain. Endorphins can be as powerful as Heroin if released in a "Bolus". So, are they really seeing the other side or is there brain keeping them busy while they're being revived?

I believe they are actually knocking on the after life's beautiful door. Some where hidden away in your brain is the connect between the incarnated life (The physical life) and the perceived destination of your after life (The Ethereal). When the people who feel the Euphoria come back with a new attitude of death they often speak of not wanting to come back. They speak of not fearing death. As I wrote in the first web log entry on this show; They are 100% correct. Do not fear the after life. Fear TODAY.

I believe in a biblical after life. I believe in a judgment day. I believe that you are judged, not by your works here in the physical, but by the spiritual connection between you and the Creator. I've read in the bible where a man condemned to hell wants to return to warn his brother of the after life and is not allowed to. I've also read where Jesus brings his dear friend Lazarus back from the dead. (After 4 days). The bible also leads us to speculate on other possibilities of the after life, yet the persistent message is what I described the first sentence of this paragraph. It's your relationship with your savior which is important. You may not (As several NDErs say) have a choice after you physically die and your spirit crosses over to the other side.

Perhaps the Kingdom of Heaven has never been so close at hand. In the end, this show is about NDEs or NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, NOT DEATH EXPERIENCES.

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