Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ron Paul in 2012

The Importance of RON PAUL IN 2012

As Rick Santorum plays the waiting game and Newt Gingrich gets the thrill of having his picture taken at 50.00 bucks a shot, another often overlooked candidate remains steady and true to his convictions.

Ron Paul.

Ever since the gang of 13 got together to earn their shot at Obama, Ron Paul was the only other candidate to have a dedicated national campaign in place. (Besides Mitt Romney) It’s safe to say that Ron Paul supporters are the most devoted die-hard supporters in politics. Many supporters of Ron Paul favor his Libertarian stance on the legalization of drugs. This coupled with his isolationist foreign policy make him quite a palatable alternative to the DNC which has been co-opted by the lunatic fringe left. (Pelosi, Lee-Jackson, Obama etc…) But Ron Paul who is a former practicing Gyn/Obstetrician doesn’t exactly excite the GOP base. (His stance on the Federal Reserve not withstanding) This is where Mitt Romney and Ron Paul need to intersect. Ron Paul needs to be part of the Romney administration to play an open role in eradicating the nation of the “creature from Jekyll Island”. (The Federal Reserve Bank) I’m not saying he should be the VP, but perhaps secretary of the treasury.

Mitt Romney will be targeted as a “one-percenter”. Pundits of the FED claim it is a scam that has been ripping off tax-payers since 1913. Ron Paul and his zeal for taking down the FED would be as welcomed as John Bolton’s appointment as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under Bush 43.

An open endorsement of Romney by Ron Paul would be a huge advance in the war of 2012. The Republican Party needs to extend a warm welcome to John Stossel, Ron Paul, and their Libertarian followers. It wouldn’t hurt the Republicans to take a serious look at the Idea of decriminalizing certain drugs. An Idea that would lower the prison population could save millions of tax payer dollars. This is an Idea most Mormons like Romney would be reluctant to accept. (More on Mormons and the Presidency tomorrow)

If the GOP is counting on the evangelicals to hold their nose and vote for Romney, they would be smart to go after the Independents as an insurance policy. The more Romney moves towards the center, the more he alienates the far right GOP base. Ron Paul is a fiscal ultra-conservative, a social moderate and a liberal on FP. This is even more reason for Romney to covet Ron Paul.

The GOP needs to show Ron Paul some respect. He’s staying in this race for a reason. All republicans should be concerned with his motives.


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