Friday, February 01, 2008

The Country formerly known as the United States

The MEDIA, meaning Radio, Television, magazines, and newspapers somewhere back during the civil rights marches in the 60's became extremely liberal. Mostly because liberal actions often lead to good news. But in the long run, it only makes it harder to be "shocking".

Why is it that a liberal writer can be nasty and vile in an attempt to bait the conservative, then when the conservative loses his or her composure, the liberal strikes like Satan and says "see, that's what you're really like". Misery loves company.

But somewhere in the late 60's and early 70's around the time of the Nixon demise, it seems Satan was released from his cell for a while to infect writers of the media who were just victorious in ousting the everso miserable Richard M. Nixon. At this time liberal changed from "helping the downtrodden" to "attacking society and it's Mores"

What we're seeing is nothing new. The greatest empires in the world crumbled from within. They imploded. Look at the Greeks. An excellent example would be the Roman empire. By any standards, truly the largest empire amassed by any one country. And who would conquer the Roman empire? Nobody. It crumbled from within.

The United States is no different from Rome. Sure we have Blackberries and email. And we have "The Bomb". But we also have a fractured political system. We have a political system that is so diametrically opposed that elections only indicate the swing of the penulum. A country so divided by polarized wealth, technology,and social mores can not unite against a common enemy. Just look at the former Soviet Union. It can happen here.

The liberal media tells us what it wants us to believe. Pollsters are the newest tools of the media to "rig" elections.

This upcoming presidential election could very very well determine the fate of this country. The Democrats have narrowed the choice down to a young inexperienced black American and a former first lady of a corrupt president.

On the conservative side; the true conservatives are being weeded out. John McCain who has voted WITH the liberal agenda the last 3 years has been "kissing up" to the liberal media in hopes of getting support in the wake of the Anti-Bush firestorm.
The liberal media recognizes this and is practically giving McCain the Republican nomination. Of course once he's nominated, they'll turn on him with venom.

I never got the chance to vote for Tom Tancredo from Arizona. I just missed being able to vote for Fred Daulton Thompson from Tennessee (and NBC's Law and Order) and it looks like Mike Huckbee and Ron Paul will be history before Super Tuesday.

That leaves Mit Romnie. A nice guy. But a Mormon. Now I know this doesn't mean much to the average democrat, but right wing Christian republicans are going to find it real hard to vote for Romnie. I mean, this guy believes that American Indians our decendents from the 12 tribes of Israel. The book of Mormon is going to make Mit Romnie as electable as Tom Cruise and his flying saucer Gods from the Scientologist movement.

So it's Obama/Clinton/McCain . No matter what happens. America LOSES.


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