Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 R&R Hall of FAME.....IT's ABOUT TIME

One of my favorite groups if not my favorite group of the British Ivasion was the Dave Clark Five . It's insane to look at the inductees that got in before the DC5. But they finally made it. I was amazed to discover that they played the Ed Sullivan show more times than the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

Yes, While the Beatles were writing about yellow Submarines and Octopusses gardens, the DC5 were rocking songs like the classic "Glad all over" and "Do you love me" Interesting, they broke up the same year the Beatles did. Nobody really went on to successful solo careers. I think Dave Clark was smart and invested his money in business.

Mike Smith, the handsome lead singer is a paraplegic suffering from a tragic accident at his home in Spain. He had locked himself out of his house. So while climbing the gate to the back yard to gain entrance throug the back door, his pants snagged on the gate cause him to fall on his head crushing his cervical (neck) vertebrae. Keep Mike in your prayers.

Denny Putnam, the horn player died last year of cancer.

If there was one induction ceremony I would love to attend. It would be this one.

Ace out.....................


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