Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OK, that's the teenage code word for PORN. I wanted to spew my opinion on pornography. First of all, what is porn? Is nudity porn? Not always. It's like that saying "I can't describe it;but I know it when I see it". Porn is so ubquitous today, it surrounds us. From the Superbowl (SuperBowel) to prime time TV, you can't tune in to anything without having some woman's cleavage shoved in your face.

My mission statement, especially within this blog, is to try and offer ideas that will make this world a better place.

Simply put, porn is bad. Porn has no redeeming value. And the colateral damage from porn is often irrepairable. Let me pontificate:

1. Porn desensitizes us to reality. By doing so it makes us insensitve to the opposite sex.

2. Porn demeans the photographed. Some may think that Marylin Monroe was art. Images of her in "Some like it hot" can be considered art. Perhaps this was the beginning of our cultures downward spiral. But what you don't see now is an industry that exploits immature girls for a few bucks while the producer profits millions. What's even worse is that our culture is continually condoning the introduction of porn into our society. "Girls gone wild" should be retitled "Girls gone stupid while embarassing their parents".

3. Porn is an addiction that is driven by hughe profits. It's worse than smoking. Smoking will eventually kill your body. Porn will kill your soul. Now before you think I'm turning evangelical on you, let me explain. We are a culture of teenagers raised on "Sex and the City", and "Desperate housewives". Most teens have computers. Most of these computers are not filtered by parental guidance, meaning ANYTHING is available. So the only thing a person gains from viewing porn is more desensitization and a misguided belief system that most women are like porn actresses. This desensitization ruins the social interaction between males and females when they find themselves in "real" situations. They've been educated like Pavlov's Dog into seeing sex for the physical stimulation only. And like other endorphine releasing stimulants, it's hard to break away from once you've started. Especially for the teenage boy that's just discovered this private "E" ride. (Disneyland reference)

I was however; shocked to be viewing an episode of CSI, when the conversation of sex without love came up. Grissom says "Sex without love is sad, it makes you feel the opposite. It makes you feel lonely".

The "Sexual revolution" of the 60's turned Sex into a handshake. It's a shame because Boys see having sex as a form of "manhood", while Girls see sex as "Love".
Since Al Gore invented the internet (tongue in cheek) Rape has almost doubled in many communities. As a matter of fact, between 1998 and 2001 Rape tripled in the state of Oregon. Is it possible that after a night of drinking and snorting Meth, internet porn just doesn't do it anymore?

We live in a quick fix society. A time of drive thru restaurants, drive by gang violence, Express commuter lanes, High speed internet service, abortion rates that make the holocaust look like a small thing. We want it, and we want it now.

But the best things in life you still have to wait for. It's going to take 9 months to see the healthy smile on your child's face. It takes 162 games, plus 2 rounds of playoffs before you get to watch the world series. And a relationship that grows out of mutual respect and adoration will last much longer than two people that just decided to "hook up".

Don't believe me? Get slam drunk every night for a month. Then lay off alcohol for a month. Then see how good just one glass of Cabernet Savignon tastes.

Saturation is the enemy of Appreciation.

Ace out...........


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