Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I hope this isn't a new Trend............

On New Year's eve my better half and I were dining at what was once our favorite "Seafood" restaurant in Monterey. "The Monterey Seafood House". Usually known for it's affordability and really great food. But on New Year's eve, the first words out of the waiter's mouth was "Tonight we don't have any sole, or any snapper.


Now I've never eaten the sole or snapper at TMSH but it represented 2 of the cheaper seafood options. How on earth can a place using this moniker be out of the 2 most common fish available at any Safeway or 7eleven?

But the expensive Salmon was available........

I had the Chicken Marsala out of protest. yuk. Never go there for anything but the seafood. And don't go on New Years Eve or any other big night out. They'll hose you.

I mean, it's not like they ran out of it. It was 30 minutes after they opened. They just weren't going to bother selling cheap fish that night.

To anyone visiting Monterey; go to Bubba Gumps. Ya it's a tourist trap, and you know you're getting ripped off somewhat, but they're up front about it.


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