Sunday, December 23, 2007

State of the Music Union

If you want to know what shape the music Industry is in; just walk down to your nearest Tower Records or Wherehouse records and try and find my latest CD. It just ain't gonna happen. It boils down to this, it just takes one CD sale, then the rest are all free.

Gene Simmons said he wasn't going to make anymore new music. When music became digital, they should have invented analog computers. Because records became files. How can a musician make any money? Obviously not from the honest altruistic people that brought you "Millie Vanillie". Or Ashley "lip syncing" Simpson. Bars hardly employ bands anymore. And who is going to stay out til 2 in the AM to check out your band? The computer changed Life and entertainment as we know it. Guys and Girls use to go to clubs to meet and have sex afterwards. Now it's "Chat Room". Then you "Hook up" afterwards. Plus Rock and Roll is their parents music. I don't wanna hear that (says a 21 year old) I'd rather go home and watch Jack Ass or Hulk Hogan's reality tv show. This generation doesn't have any "Music" to call their own. Even Rap dates back to the Carter Administration.

This generation gets to play video games. Instead of playing guitar, you can play guitar hero (a simulated guitar game)

And I'll save MY MYSPACE RANT for the NEW YEAR. Maybe you'll get to hear my new song: "Everyone's a MYSPACE ROCKSTAR".

The music business is bankrupt. After years of decadence and having ZERO interest in the music, the music industry is stuck with empty discs with nothing on them while every Joe Lunch Bucket that can fart into a microphone has a "My Space Music" Site.

Buddy Holly, where are you when we need you?

Ace out....


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