Friday, December 21, 2007


Two nights ago I had a rather unique dream. I dreamed I had died and gone to heaven. I recall everything being peaceful. But the setting was a schoolground. Each room had people in it moving quite slowly. At one point I remember asking "am I dead?" "Did I die"? and twice, the most gentle black woman's voice said:"You've come home baby". Now thinking I was dead took on a whole new meaning. One thing I recall saying to myself was: "Well that wasn't that painful". (dying) Then it dawned on me that I didn't recognize anyone. You know like in the book "The 5 people you meet when you die"? So I wondered if I was in heaven or Hell? Not a good question to wonder in the after life. I recall everybody was being so "helpful" to others. Then it dawned on me that perhaps that is the essence of Christianity. Caring for others. And if we can't do it here on earth; why would we do it in the afterlife?

Then I started thinking about the 10 commandments and all of the "Thall shall nots" in the Bible. This made me really wonder if I was really in heaven. I mean, if you really study the Bible, nobody deserves to go to heaven. And it's funny because all I saw was mostly old people that looked like they had the time to repent and live their lives by the rules. I personally was wondering when I was going to be escorted to the down escalator.

But I woke up. In a way, it was sort of a happy disappointment. I mean, I was happy to be alive, yet disappointed to have gone through such an epiphany only to find out it was just a dream. So I've been thinking much about living the past 48 hours. I honestly believe that the price of "salvation" (Christian redemption) is free will. Meaning if Love is for real, then you must always have the ability to walk away from it. Sort of like my song "The door's a step away". Being a Christian doesn't assure you of a happy life. Quite the contrary. Some of the most tortured people to ever live called themselves Christians. From the days of Caligula to the killers in Columbine.

I asked myself when I thought I was in heaven: "Why am I here"? I know I've never done anything that would merit an eternity in paradise. God knows if it were a scorecard protocol, I'd be in Hell dwelling with the rest of mankind. I am by far NO DIETY. But as the story goes, God came down to earth 2041 years ago in the form of a human. He died a wrongful death at the hands of the jewish/Roman govenment. But in doing so, he gave those of us that could see the love in his sacrifice a chance at spending our spiritual lives in "Paradise" or "Heaven". Ya see,it's not about what you've done to earn a spot in heaven. You can't. But it's what you beleive that get's you into heaven. AND HERE'S the CATCH. IT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE. It's what you truly believe in your heart. And your belief structure will show in your actions moreso than your words. Going to church every Sunday and Wednesday doesn't garuntee you entrance to heaven.

But that little part of your heart that cries for the terrible punishment God endured to get your attention is a sign that you believe. If you have a desire to be baptised like Jesus said, that's another sign. If you try to keep God's commandments, that's another sign.

IT's not about Christmas or Easter or even Passover. It's about putting yourself in Christ's shoes on the night in the garden of Gethsemane. It's about loving your maker.

Merry Christmas all

Ace out........


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