Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A break from the Muck and the public

Well, we ended our string of Tuesday night shows at the Mucky Duck. I must say that I was playing so hard tonight that I was actually sort of breathless after a couple of songs. To quote Jack and Chris: "Ace, you rocked the shit out this place tonight".

Thanks guys.

But what meant more to me than the money we made were the kind hearted remarks from the people that made a special point to catch an Ace Andres show. Simple thank you's for bringing back memories of being at a concert at a coliseum somewhere. One gentleman said he use to do security for Ted Nugent, and his heart just lit up when I did strangle hold and Cat Scratch Fever.

The "Cream" Set got lots of good response. We're getting really good at White Room and "Badge".

I'm hoping that if you still haven't seen a show with this band, that you catch the last show of the year on December 26th, a Wednesday. We're planning a really big shoe. You better catch this authentic ass kicking Rock and Roll before it goes on tour.

Again, a special thanks to the fans that have been braving the cold. On behalf of Jack and Chris, We love you.

Love Ace


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