Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never say Never

Well, 38 days ago I was almost ready to put all of my equipment on EBAY and say to hell with it all. I played a miserable show and found myself doing something I NEVER ever did before. Watched the clock. Not as in "how long the set was" but "When the hell can I go home"?

Rehearsals were miserable. Music just wasn't fun. The first thing I did was parted ways with our former Bassist. I won't speak poorly about him, he has some of the greatest Bass chops I've ever seen and heard. But..........

So Jack and I got back in the pocket and looked for a new Bassist. Chris Daniel emailed me and said that he had heard of me through Jack. Both Jack and I were pretty much at the end of our rope, patience,whatever and even Chris was hesitant to give us an audition. But I said to Chris, "Hey let's just jam and have fun, if it's not fun, then screw it". As it turned out, we all had fun laughing and joking and the music sounded really really good.

So we had ONE (1) uno, ein, rehearsal when Jack gets a call from the manager of the Mucky Duck. Jack's other band is unable to do the show so Jack asks me if I wanna do it. OK, so this is rock bottom I'm thinking. I've always said, Hell no I won't play the Mucky Duck or the other rowdy halls on Alvarado street. But it turned into a great memorable evening. And mostly because, the three of us just went in and had fun. We didn't give a damn if we sucked, hell, it was the Mucky Duck? Right? We didn't go in there with our "Rock Star" BS Attitudes. It was more like a boyscout campout. No pretention. Nothing to prove. And like I said before; I did it just for my pride. I didn't want to play it, but for some reason, this was God's way of humbling my "haughty" ass.

So if you read the blog after the show, we took no prisoners. It was Rock like it use to be back in 1973. It was the kind of music that you use to play loud as hell while you were washing your 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner. It was the kind of rock that you use to stand in line at 5 in the morning at "Tower Records" to get tickets for.

Chris, Jack and I (me?) just tried to give the people their money's worth. We knew it wasn't the Civic Auditorium. Hell, it didn't even have a stage. (another one of my nevers) But people heard genuine rock from miles around and flocked to the Mucky Duck like it was Woodstock. No advertising. No gimmicks. Not even a wet T-shirt contest. It was just the music.

And with that, I just wanted to say that we'll be having more fun at the Duck:
December 4th
December 11th and
December 26th "Boxing Day" (in Canada eh?)

Me and the boys are just gonna show up, crank it up, light it up, and rip it up. And to quote the Reverend Richard Pennimen "And ball tonight".


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