Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why is it?

That when a lot of people grow up, they leave the cowtown they were brought up in. It's either once they've gone to college or joined the Military. My situation was easy, my father died while I was in the military and I felt a strong connection to the SF Bay Area, so I chose to live in the east bay when I got out of the service.

Now I was only brought up just 60 miles from the bay area but most of my friends went their own ways. One person in particular "Skip Aksland" followed in his brother's footsteps (Bud) and started racing on the AMA professional circuit. His new best friend would be the King "Kenny Roberts". I'm sure this means a lot to those of you that follow AMA racing, or just love motorcycles in general.

Skip and I grew up best friends. Well at least up through highschool. Then after my freshman year in highscool, my father and I moved from Manteca CA back to Stockton CA (where I would go to school with Chris Isaak)

All this was 35 years or so ago. And it wasn't until I went to Yahoo people search and went looking for Skip's phone number. I mean, we were so close, that his mom use to dress us up in the same cloths.

It's very interesting to note; one of the last conversations I remember the two of us having as kids were: " Hey it's boring watching you ride your motorcycle. Ya and it's boring watching you play music". I think that's when we started going our own ways. But as it turned out, Skip is known as an AMA great from the last century, and I'm selling albums on 3 major continents. It's sort of a destiny thing I guess. Anyway, I really look forward to seeing Skip again and going over the last 30 years to see what life's been like.


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