Sunday, December 30, 2007

Preparing to kill brain cells.....

I think today is the equivalent of Black Friday for the alcohol industry. As millions of consumers head for their local "Beverages and More" or "Joe's Liquors" to stock up on Brain killers. I guess one sign of growing old is when you actually realize that waking up 1/1 without a hangover is better than going to bed 12/31 in oblivion.

As 12/31 approaches, I need as many brain cells as I have left to reflect seriously on 2007. One place I really want to avoid, and will, is the local drunk tank. And don't think one 12oz. Budweiser won't get you there. And that's just the beginning. My lawyer friends say that after all is said and done, a DUI (no matter how drunk or sober) will cost you somewhere in the hood of around $10,000 dollars US. This will get you a new year's gift of attorney's fees, court costs, rehab courses and of course unaffordable insurance for the next 10 years. All because you turned the key of your stupid little ignition with alcohol in your system.

And as scary as that is; beware of the drunks (the real ones) that the cops didn't catch. They'll not only end your holiday but your life as well. I have unforgettable memories of phone calls on New Years Eve/Day. Ones I wish I could forget.

My New Year's wish for everyone including myself is that you stay out of jail, stay alive and do something to better yourself in the upcoming year.




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