Monday, December 31, 2007

Advice if you get pulled over, hand cuffed, then.....

Thown in the back of a squad car. Always remember, the nice cop is NOT your friend. (neither is the bad cop)

AND hopefully you will have taken my advice and saved that bottle until you got home.

REMEMBER: "IT'S CHEAPER TO TAKE A TAXI FROM LAKE TAHOE TO SAN FRANCISCO, THAN IT IS TO GET CAUGHT ON A DUI. TONIGHT and SUPERBOWL SUNDAY are the two nights that traffic cops live for. Overtime has already been appoved just to accomidate your drunk ass. Dragnets and Stingers are getting set up as I type this. Avoid main streets if you can. (even if you're still sober, those field tests can be a bitch even when you're straight)

Don't do it. Don't drink and drive. Not even a glass of wine with dinner. You'll enjoy waking up in your own bed tomorrow morning in a color other than orange. Your insurance agent will thank you. Your boss will thank you. Anyone that depends on you arriving on time will thank you.

PLEASE. Have a safe and legal New Year's Eve.

Peace and Joy



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