Sunday, January 20, 2008

God's Wonderful Blessings

I could easily be writing this note in a jail cell. This afternoon we were playing bumper cars in the Safeway parking lot. Two cars in front of me waiting to turn right down a row of parking spaces. Of course the guy in front has to sit and wait for someone to leave. So since I'm about 3 cars back I step on it and go around the car in front of me to the left ~ ONLY to find a human body in front of my car. Now as God is my witness; I don't know how I didn't mow this guy down. I am convinced that an angel or a platoon of angels got between my bumper and this guy's spleen. Probably one had his hand under my foot and accelerator. I mean I was going to ZIP around this guy in front of me. Honestly, I have no Idea how he survived. Thank you Jesus again. I was pretty shook up after that.


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