Friday, January 25, 2008

75 dollar a month addicition

How many of you GOT to have that latte, or Americano or Capuccino every morning? How many of you actually own an expresso machine? So those of you that didn't raise your hand, you must have a 75 dollar monthly installment (made daily) at your local Starbucks.

I've got a funny story for you. You'll get a kick out of it. Now 75 may not seem like much; but let's say you're married and your Spouse is addicted too. Now we're talking a small car payment or maybe one of your credit cards. So one day out of "laziness" we bought a bag of ground Starbucks coffee. It was about 12 or 14 dollars for a bag. But we figured, it would be ready when we woke up (before our shower). This was a cool Idea. At first, I had to have an Americano about 3 days out, just to have a taste of the real thing. But after a while, the drip didn't taste so bad. And we figured a bag was lasting us a week. So now our SB Jones is down to about 50 bucks a month for the two of us.

OK, here's where it gets really studpid. After getting use to SB drip we sort of got over the 2.50 a day habit. But we still had a Caffiene jones to deal with. So in Target yesterday, we see SB bags (really small ones) for about 6.95. Then just under it for the same price was a huge can of "Folgers". Instead of 11 oz. it was 33 oz. 8-() what? So I tell Corrine wtf. Let's try it. I aint in love with Star Buck's anyway. So this morning we wake to the same smell of coffee brewing. Damn I couldn't tell the difference.

Seriously, it's like the gas you put in your car. The fancy red white and blue Chevron station's gas is the same desert oil that Eco-brand gas uses. For decades in America we spent 10 cents on a cup of joe. Now for some reason you aint cool unless you pay 1.50 a cup. What? Come on people try it. It may take a week, but you can liberate your self from the world of external cool.

Here's Jackie Mason to say oh so eloquently:


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