Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RON PAUL for President

Man they're falling like domino's Pizzas at Rosie O'donnell's house. Seriously; in the last 24 hours, exit John Edwards, Rudi Giuliani, and possibly in the not so distant future Mike Huckbee. My first pick for President was Tom Tancredo. But he was way too honest to be president. Then FRED. I figured he was the next coming of Ronnie Reagan. Nope. I think he likes his dressing room accomidations at NBC better. Now it's down to

Osama Hell No



John McCain Hell No (same liberal hell no that applies to Osama)

Mitt Rommnie Uh, come on. He believes that American Indians are decendents of a Jewish tribe. (see the book of Mormon)

Mike Huckbee I wish. A baptist minister that is running out of church funds. Hopefully someone/anyone will win the lottery and fund his campagne.

And last but not least Ron (not Ru) Paul. A doctor from Texas. He's got a tough policy on illegal immigration. He doesn't appear to have a private agenda. And he seems to have the bucks to hang tough.

We'll see.



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