Thursday, March 30, 2006

A note to single people...............

One of my favorite sayings that I came to respect when I was single after 17 years of miserable marriage was: "You have to become the person you want to marry". Meaning, If you want to meet someont that is responsible and with integrity, you need to become a person with integrity and responsibility.

How many times can you meet someone at an AA meeting who will tell you that when they're at a party, if there's only 1 other alcohalic there, they'll hook up with them. People tend to attract their own kind. If you want to attract a Christian wife, do you think you'll find her in a stripper bar? Hell no. Get your butt into a Wednesday night Bible study and you'll meet her. If you want to meet a woman with an Atheletic body like Angie Harmon's , what do you think the chances are of attracting her if you look like John Goodeman?

You need to become the person you want to attract. (period)


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