Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brand name fluff..............

Having raised 2 teenaged boys to adulthood, I found myself loathing trendy brand names. "FUBU" "NIKE" "BOSS" lord have mercy. 200 bucks for a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers. It got so absurd, that at one point, I started buying myself 15 dollar Wall mart sneakers just as a form of protest. To show my kids that I was cool for "less". * note- (Walmart sneakers suck without 10 dollars worth of orthotic cushions in them)

When pagers were in fashion, I had to buy pagers. (but this was actually a good thing) It's a great way to keep an eye on your little rebel. Then cell phones. OY VEY. (did I spell that right?)

I think public school and TV commercials are a parent's worst enemy. This seems to be where humans get their pardigm that you are what you wear, drive and reside at.


ME? I'm guilty of owning a Mont Blanc Ink Pen. I use it to write songs with. It's a tool. I feel using a 200 dollar pen will inspire me to write quality songs. But then again Carl Perkins wrote Blue Suede Shoes on the bag of a brown paper bag.

Most of my guitars are all used. The only ones I bought new were my Cherry Sunburst Les Paul, My Sting Ray Bass, Both of my Strats and the Teles and my 1977 Ovation Balladeer. The rest were all used. As for the quality of used vs. New? I can't tell. It's not like buying a pair of shoes. My favorite guitar is my patent pending gold top WolfGang. Paid 600 bucks for it on EBAY. It's on almost every cut of my last two albums.

I like eating in ghetto chinese restaurants. I really like Mexican restaraunts that have been closed by the department of health. And nothing beats a 99 cent Burger.

I drive a 98 Chevy Astro Cargo Van. With a huge ass dent in the left side of it. (saved 2 thousand dollars because of it) It still carries my gear when I need it to.

Yep, Cut thru the fluff. It will make your life much simpler.


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