Monday, March 06, 2006

Crash Won Best Picture because of Broke-back Mountain?


Crash wone best picture inspite of broke back mountain. Broke back mountain was a great movie in the eyes of the homosexual left. Crash on the other hand was a great movie with great actors. Don Cheadle is a phenominal actor. Even Matt Dillion had a role that he was believable in. It was a great movie and deserved to win.

As for all the political muchraking over Bareback Mountain. Shame on them. Crash is a great movie that deserved to beat the competition. It was NOT the default choice as many are calling it.

Some say Hollywood didn't want to give best picture to the gay cowboy movie for fear of losing what little integrity they claim to have. Especially after snuffing Mel Gibson last year for the "Passion of the Christ".


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