Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Damn Yankees.............

What ever Lola wants, Lola gets. etc..... Damn Yankees is a fictional story about a Washington Senator Fan that hates the NY Yankees so bad, that he makes a deal with the Devil to become this outfield superstar that helps lead Washington to the pennant. The role of Joe Hardy (played by tab Hunter) is a 22 year old power hitter that will break all homerun records and lead Washington to the series. The problem is, Joe Hardy is really a mid-50's Senator fan with a wife and kids.

Back in 1956, when the broadway musical was popular; critics were making comparisoms between the musical and the 1919 scandal. But I think, a closer realistic comparisom can be made today with one Barry Bonds. Barry "I used the clear stuff" Bonds.

When Barry self-admittedly used the "clear stuff" to enhance his career, he wasn't just dealing with now encarcerated BALCOR members, but he was in essence, a 50 year old Joe Hardy selling his soul to Satin. And like Joe Hardy, BALCOR enabled Barry to hit like a 22 year old the rest of his career, breaking everyone's homerun records, including his godfather's, Willie Mays. Unlike the story of Joe Hardy, who sees the downside of the cult (he missed his wife and kids) Barry saw the down side of being on the wrong side of the law. (see 2003 grand jury testimony) In 2004 congress looked into the Steroid scandal in America's favorite pasttime. Barry Bonds's trainer and associates found themselves in prison for illegal drug (steroid) sales. So in 2005, Barry found himself in need of surgery. His surgeon, (my former boss) became the scapegoat for a surgical related "infection".


The OR was cultured and nothing was found. Usually when an infection occurs, bacteria related to an infection is found. Ask any ambulance chaser. It's not that hard. But this OR was clean.

Now think: What do steroids do to your body in addition to preserving it's muscle tissure from deterioration? It also freezes your immune system. The system in your body that fights off attacks from common bacteria. Something called "normal flora".

Without making any accusations that can get me invited to appear in court; I would think that the reason Barry missed all but 14 games of the 2005 season could have been "immune system" related.

Which brings us to the closing scene of Damn Yankees. Joe Hardy, the young power hitter is standing in the feild when "poof", he returns to being a middle aged fan again. He runs off the field never to be seen again.


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