Monday, February 13, 2006

I'll be damn.............

I remember watching a movie in 1983 about the French physician/profit Michele de Nostradamus. The movie was interesting because of all of the predictions it claimed had come to fruition prior to the filming of the movie. Remember, this was filmed with Orson Welles in 1981. The movie talks about how Nostradamus predicted 3 anti-christs.

1. Napoleon
2. Hitler (whom he almost calls by name. He refers to a "Hister")
3. An Arab with a blue turbin. (WWIII)

But I recently found my copy of this old movie and thru it on the vcr. Let me tell you just how scarry accruate or close, his visions were between 1981 and 2006.

1. The only massively wrong prediction (Thank God) was that he made referrence to the possibillity that Ted Kennedy (The youngest brother) would have his chance in 1984. He had successfully predicted the death of John and Bobby 400 years before. He even predicted that the 2nd gunman would be in the "misty forest", a referrence many experts consider to be the "grassy knoll".

Now the ichy scarry predictions.

1. He prdicts an mighty earthquake in California in the year 1988. I remember this was sort of the beginning of people talking trash about Nostradamus when the quake didn't hit. Lo and behold, 10 months later the Loma Prietta quake devistated the Bay Area.

2. He says that we would be attacked in 1999 by the middle east. His referrence would indicate New York. He even said, we would be attacked by air. Many of the experts felt it would be a nuclear war. This was to prompt the beginning of a 27 year war with Islam. As it turned out, it was 2 years later that "Air" craft would fly into the world trade centers.

Nostradamus was off, but not by much. He predicted Mount St.Helens. The starvation in Ethiopia. The Tidal wave in the indian ocean.

He goes on to say that the war with Islam will end when the two countries that meet at the polar cap (US/Russia) join forces to defeat Islam. Afterwards, he predicted a 1000 years of peace.

He also predicted that the world would end in 3797.


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