Monday, February 06, 2006

Day after the Souper Bowl...................

OK, I gave up caring about the Super Bowel when Jerry Rice left the SF 49ers. So my enthusiasm for yesterday's "BIG GAME" had much to be desired. John yap yap yap Maddening was a GREAT COACH, but him combined with Al Michaels made the mute button work a little over time. BUT............

Didn't the Rolling STones kick some serious Butt yesterday? I mean, there was no obnoxious P.Diddy/Britney/Jessica blah blah blah to ruin it. No costume malfunctions. And of course, no Aerosmith. Personally, I think they could have cancelled the 2nd half, and just let the Stones play the whole 3 hours. Then again, 3 songs is all the stones can probably get it up for these days.


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