Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Top 10 Greatest influences on Rock and Roll.....

10. Ike Turner. Wrote the first Rock and Roll song recorded. - Rocket 88
9. Dick Dale. Built the first "LOUD" guitar Amplifier
8. John Lennon. His obsession with American music led to something really BIG.
7. Buddy Holly. Simply changed the music Industry. He's the link between Elvis and the Beatles.
6. Chuck Berry. Broke the racial barrier.
5. Howlin' Wolf. First artist to record at 706 Union Ave. In Memphis.
4. Alan Freed. The Cleveland D.J. that coined the term "Rock and Roll"
3. Elvis Presley. The Icon.
2. Sam Phillips. The father of Rock and Roll. He did it all in Memphis.

1. The A/R guy that Signs Ace Andres to a major recording contract. ;)


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