Friday, March 10, 2006

Ace and Ian Lloyd............

Remember back in 1972 a great hit song called "Brother Louie"? Louie Louie Louie Lou eyeeeeeeeee. That was Ian Lloyd and Stories. Stories was a fabulous progressive rock band that was very reminiscent of the Englis band "YES". But the record label that recorded Ian decided to release a single called "Brother Louie" which they had recorded in the studio, but was not intended to be on the album. Well as usual, it was a mega hit.

Well 30 years later, I was in touch with Ian. I've always loved Ian's voice. I hated the fact that many felt he was trying to sound like Rod Stewart, because he wasn't. But when I asked Ian about BroLou, I recieved the shock of my life, He doesn't like blues. Nope. Not BB, not Stevie Ray, none of it. He says he likes Zep and Cream, but can't really get down with us street boys.

Ace: But Ian, your voice kills for blues.

Ian: I know.

Ace: But, But, But.......

Ian is happy to have sang on Yes's Union album and he's done lots of back ground work on foreigner's albums.

Personally, I think Ian and I could make a monster power blues album.

Why don't y'all email Ian and tell him to git his but out to the west coast and git in a studio with Ace.


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