Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can a man back out of Fatherhood???????

When I first saw this question on Lars Larsen's poll, I thought, at first, Hell no. But after putting my knee back into it's joint, (ie, knee jerk response) I started thinking, why shouldn't women face the same reality that men face? For years, a responsible man would have to face the fact that if he entered a woman's bed, he'd better be prepared for the responsibility of fathering a child with her.

With emphasis on the man being the financial supporter for the child.

Yet, a woman, according to the left has a "choice" with her body. She can , by law, terminate the pregnancy if she so desires. My question is, where is her level of responsibility? The question that I can't answer is:

Why shouldn't the woman be faced with the financial burden of raising the child?

If this were in fact the law, you would see three things happening.

1. More abortions
2. More men abandoning their responsibilities as fathers. (which is something the law can't really enforce)

3. I think you might see more women expecting more from a man before she spreads her legs.

Item #3 has me thinking. Is this such a bad thing? Shouldn't a man and woman have something more than physiological compatability in common before they engage in an act that can potentially result in a lifelong commitment?

If a woman has a right to terminate a pregnancy (thus terminating her motherhood responsibilities) where's the man's right to terminate his fatherhood responsibilities?

To make this argument fair; I think one of two law options need to be adopted:

1. A man should not be forced to pay child support.


2. A man should have the right to force a woman to have an abortion.

Both are equally ugly options as I feel both men and women need to be held fully responsible for the consequences that come from undisciplined sex.


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