Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Male Bashing..........

I found my self in a "coin-op" Laundromat the other day. Sometimes you just can't find a washer big enough for the comforter ya know? But one thing that I noticed that was much nicer than the ghetto laundromats I'm use to from back in the day is that NOW they have TVs up on the wall. Unfortunately, for the 48 minutes I was was stuck in this place, I was forced to watch "The View". All I can compare it to is "The Man's Show" for women. Only without the the comedy of Jimmy Kimmel or Adam Corrolla. It's basically 4 women drinking coffee talking about how hard it is to diet or why men can't put the lid down on the toilet. The only difference I could discern from the The View and The Man's Show was that on The Man's Show, The guys put Women down. On The View, the women do a pretty good job of putting themselves down. Both shows are fodder for the brainless. The only good that came from watching the View was that they had Uma Thurman as a guest which helped pass the time.


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