Thursday, March 23, 2006

Death Valley Scotty.............

Use to say, "Don't complain and don't explain." I'll give you 2 instances where I learned the value of this wisdome.

1. 1981, Citrus Heights California. I use to complain about this huge tree that use to block the sun from coming into the master bedroom window. (bedroom faced the street) It was a girthy Maple tree about 2 feet in diameter (trunk) One night the screeching of wheels comes down the street. Then a hughe crash right next door. Some drunk in a pick up lost control and plowed into my neighors house. Drove right into their kitchen. See, if he'd tried my house, he'd a ended up in the maple tree.

2. 2004, Vancouver Washington. I'm 3 in line behind 2 slow pokes. The light turns green and as is the custom in Washington, the motorist have to hit the snooze button once or twice before they can actually wake up and proceed thru the intersection. Well as usual, I'm honking to wake up the guy in front. About a half a mile ahead in the opposite directions comes a garbage truck with it's rig in the upright position. It grabs a power line and pulls down a telephone pole. The 2nd car in front of me gets flattened like a pancake. See if he'd a gone when the light turned green, it woulda been me getting squashed like a bug.


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