Monday, March 27, 2006

What's happened to my Television?

I remember being a child of the fifties (for a couple of years at least) and after my mom died when I was 11, I was basically babysat by a black and white 19 inch sony TV. I don't think my dad and I got a color TV until the year before I went into the Navy.

But Television in those days were just great when you consider the morals and censureship they had to comply with. How did Rob and Laura make Richie in those two single beds?

How come they don't make TV shows about PT Boats anymore? Where are you Commander McHale? I miss the Skipper and Gilligan. (actually I miss Mary Anne and Ginger) I'll take I love Lucy over friends and Earl anyday.

The ONLY thing that has gotten better since the 60's, are the cartoons. No not superfriends. South Park, The Simpsons and my Fave, "King of the HIll" .

But as far as Will and Grace, Ted and Martha and Dharma and Greg...... You can keep them. I'll take re-runs of a crazy red-head trying to sneak into a nightclub show any day.


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