Friday, February 15, 2008

Go Roger Go

It seems the tide of evidence is turning on MacNamee. Roger Clemens is proclaiming his innocense. He's taking a huge risk IF he is guilty. Which makes most of us who want to believe he's innocent wonder why he would be taking such a huge risk when he didn't have to. He could have easily sat back and said no comment. But Roger went to Washington to proclaim his innocense.

I didn't see Barry Bonds defending himself. Mark McGwire wasn't in Washington to talk about the past. Subsequent he's personna non-grata at the Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown. And Barry Bonds is in court because of perjury charges, something Roger could face if in fact his denial is a big dog and pony show.

But the questions everybody asked when Jose Cansecoo wrote his book "Juiced" are being answered now. The question was: "Why doesn't Barry Bonds sue these people for deformation of character"? Actually that was the question they tried to ask Bonds when "Game of Shadows" came out. The answer is: Because if you sue someone, they have the "right" to subpeona your personal life. Roger obviously doesn't care about that issue which leads one to believe he has "nothing to hide". Unlike other former San Francisco outfielders.

To quote one of the Senators in front of Clemens and MacNamee:"Both of can't be telling the truth. One of you is lying".

Stay tuned. This could be either the greatest or saddest sports story of the year.

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