Thursday, February 07, 2008

Preparing to record the new X-15's Album ~Maybe 2

I've begun preparations for the recording of the next X-15 album. Expect it to sound more like the stuff at the beginning of "American Infidel" ie, Sort of Power Pop/Grunge/New Punk . If the sessions go well, I might actually continue and record material for my first Christmas Album. I always wanted to do a Christmas album called Christmas and Holley. (those of you in the know understand that Buddy Holly's real last name was Holley). This would be a Rocking Christmas album with a BH and the Crickets flavor to it.

Expect 14 originals on the X-15 album. It will be a thematic constructed album. Meaning all the songs and genres will fit together. And perhaps there will be several guest vocalists on this album as well. But we won't drop any names until the release party.


Ace out.........................


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