Sunday, October 30, 2005

DUI as Time goes By....................

I was at a friends Bar-B-Que tonight. While I was there, I had 2 beers over the course of 4 hours. I was being quite aware of the time required to metabolize 1 0z of alcohol. Today in Calilfornia, it's just suicide to take a drink and get behind a wheel. I recently heard a dui offender say that he'd rather take a Taxi from Reno to San Francisco, than get hit with a DUI.

FYI, it takes on the average: an hour to get the alcohol out of your system for each shot of hard liquor, 4 0z glass of wine, or 12 oz beer. So in other words, if you drink 4 shots of Tequila, don't plan on driving for 4 hours.

My wife and I were trying to decide which nights would be the worst nights to be drunk on the road. (any night is the correct answer) but your greatest risk of getting pulled over and cuffed would probably be:

1. New Years Eve
2. Super Bowl Sunday
3. The 2nd Friday in December (Office Christmas Party)
4. The 4th of July
5. The Saturday of Halloween

I'm sure in Texas, May 5th is probably among the top 10 high profile days. In Boston, Saint Patrick's Day and in Canada "Boxing" day. But the point being, there are days that the police are very motivated to seek strange driving behavior. Do yourself a favor and stay home or call a cab before you decide to drive yourself when your intoxicated. Or even better yet, don't allow your self to drink more than your body can process acording to the law.


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