Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Religion and Politics...............

Why are they the two most offensive topics ANYWHERE? Religion I can understand. People are investing their eternity or remaining days on earth in this topic. If I question your religion, I question your retirement account. I question your parents. I question perhaps the most important thing in your life.

Politics on the other hand is so very ODD. It's no secret that I'm a convervative. I grew up a Democrat in the 60's. Most of you know that Congressman John McFall was my next door neighbor. He was the majority house whip in the congress. He got me involved in the George McGovern Campagne in 72. I remember watching a republican telethon with Richard Nixon being kissed on the cheek by Sammy Davis Jr. This made me disgusted. I don't know why only it's like watching someone root for the Dallas Cowboys if you're a niner fan. However, as of late, Republicans and Democrats have become so much more filled with hate. I like to tell people that I became a republican when I started paying taxes. The first President I actually voted for was Ronald Reagan.

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying: " If you're not a liberal in your twenties, you don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative in your 40's; you don't have a brain."

Personally, I feel that both sides are essential for the survival of our country. Extreme conservatism leads to facism and extreme liberalism leads to mayhem. (see the Roman Empire)

When America is able to discuss Religion and Politics in a civil manner, we will move forward. I would think that just having respect for the other's "right" to their belief, would be a good starting point.


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