Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Irony of Life..................

Why is it, that opposites attract, yet birds of a feather stick together? This ultimately leads to 2 possible conclusions. Opposites end up splitting because of conflict; and Birds of a feather end up splitting because of boredom.

Why is it that males reach their sexual peak at 18, and females at 40?

Why is it that when you're mentally ready to raise children (40 - 50?) you're physically past your child bearing years?

Why is it that when you live your life right (excercise, diet, good conservative attitude) the extra years you live aren't really worth living?

Why do the good die young?

Why is it when the president or a Rock star dies, a nation mourns. But when thousands die of starvation in Africa, it's a "political concern"?

Why is it, that it takes 12 years of school to become a pediatrician, but any teenage girl with an functional vagina and uterus can concieve a baby?

Why does it take 6 months for a divorce to become final, but you can get married as quickly as you can find a J.O.P or a Chappel?

Why do women want all things from one man, and Men want one thing from All women?????


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