Friday, September 09, 2005

Influence Part 5.........

As much as the Beatles influenced me, another English group just rocked my head off my shoulders. The DAVE CLARK FIVE. It was an English R & B group that was started and produced by a "Drummer" . (Dave Clark) . And the drums were a main driving force in the sound of the DC5. Take a listen to "Glad all over", "Bits and Pieces", "Do you Love Me" and "I like it Like That". They also scored huge with the Ballad "Because".

Now they were never anywhere near as prolific as the Beatles. And from a creative stand point they couldn't hold a flame to the Beatles. But then they were known as Rockers. Not poets or pretty boys. It would be like comparing AC/DC to the Eagles. There careers were shortened much like the Beatles and many people alive today have no clue who or what they were. But if you were a kid during the English invasion, you got your butt kicked for sure by this quintet.


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