Thursday, September 15, 2005

Influence Part 10............

This almost brings us current. Having been tagged with the Shred moniker by people like Dick Dale. I began to feel like more of a "novelty". It's nice to be able to play fast like Dick Dale, Alvin Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eddie Van Halen, but I wanted a much deeper sound that incorperated those shred riffs.

So I recalled back in my formative years, the sound of one "Robin Trower". Now many will claim that Trower was no more than the 1st white Jimi Hendrix, (Which I guess would make SRV the 2nd) But if you study the tone and sustains on "Bridge of Sighs" the album, you'll hear a fabulous sound that goes beyond technique. I bought Robin's video and he said, that he was trying to emulate the sounds that he had heard from James Brown's band. etc......... But the deep reverb and stereo chorus effects he used on that strat literally made me go out and buy my first strat. So if you listen to the new album "American Infidel" check out the solo on "Polk Salad Annie" .


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