Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pretentious and Ostentatious.......

Living in Vancouver Washington for a year made me appreciate the simple things in life. Things like good restaurants and Sunny Skies. I never dreamed that being back in California would make me resent the over abundance of "Pretentious or Ostentatious" restaurants that exist in cities that feel their residence make enough money to pay 40 cents a gallon more for gas.

Being the son of a great Chef; I know good cooking. Unfortunately that enables me to be very aware of bad or mediocre cooking. Since when did having tables on the sidewalk mean a restaurant could raise the price of a hamburger to 10 bucks?

I guess for every pretentious restaurant there is an insecure overpaid idiot that feels the need to pay 10 bucks for a hamburger.


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