Thursday, October 27, 2005

In every Culture.................

There are those who are willing to risk their lives for freedom. And in every culture there are those NOT willing to risk their lives for anything. Those who will NOT risk their lives owe everything to those who will and/or have risked their lives.

Those who will not have no problem abusing the privelidges that the risk takers provide for them. The "First Amendment" is usually a common one. But the non- risk takers are seemingly happy with "Mediocrity". They put down the concept of fighting for what you believe in because they are fearful of "fighting".

In every Culture there are those who want to take your freedom and success from you. In such instances you have 2 choices. Stand and FIGHT like our forefathers did, when they stood up to British Tyranny. Or; Be Submissive like most of the Native Americans did when European settlers came and took their land, culture and freedom.

Perhaps only those who have served in one way or another should be allowed to enjoy the freedom that comes with democracy. Freedom is NOT FREE.