Friday, March 21, 2008

Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels......HUH?

Well, yes, I think I am aware of their existence. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, your higher self is the best version of you. That's sort of a quote from Matthew Kelly's book "The Rhythm of Life". He is always saying that we want to strive to be the "Best version of ourselves" Some would call that "Your higher self".

Spirit Guiedes: Supposedly, your spirit guides are non- physical beings that you got together with before you were born, and made deals with them to help you accomplish the purpose you had chosen when you incarnated. (incarnation is something I'll discuss at another time as I don't believe in "reincarnation" as many of the new age hokus pokus teachers want to teach.

Guardian Angels: Yes, I believe they do exist as so stated in the Bible. I know they have helped me numorous unexplainable times.

Jesus Christ: God incarnated as man. Not just God but a part of the Holy trinity. As John writes in the beginning of his Gospel:"In the beginning was the Word,(Christ) and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.

I firmly believe that the way to the kingdom of heaven is ONLY through a relationship with Jesus Christ. All of your Spirit guides and Angel friends will help you here on earth, but on the other side, you will STILL stand in Judgement.

God. The great I AM. No words can describe God for nobody has seen God. Unlike John Lennon, God is not a concept to help us deal with our pain. Unlike the new age theosophers, God is not the source power or greater power. God is God. God is I AM. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. (everywhere, all powerful and all knowing)

Scientist dismiss God because they can not prove the presence or existence of God. As I have said to many scientists: "The inability to prove the existence of anything does not disprove it; it only proves one's ignorance."

God is God.

Ace out...................

PS. Watch for Ace's on-line church of Jesus Christ coming soon.


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